Another Predictable Amazon Defense Coalition Press Release Demonstrates Major Credibility Problems

When Chevron announced on Thursday, Feb. 25th that Charles James was leaving the company, I predicted that the Amazon Defense Coalition would blast out a press release over Business Wire, littered with conspiracy theories, lies and leftwing blather. It wasn’t until that following Monday that the Amazon Defense Coalition finally and predictably published their fanciful diatribe.  But why did it take five days for them to respond?

It’s an old rule of thumb in public relations that you don’t announce news on a Friday unless you want to bury it.  The theory being that not as many people read the news on the weekend as they do during the week. Better to wait until Monday to put out a press release in the hopes that if a news outlet runs your story, more people will read it.  And that’s exactly what Amazon Defense Coalition’s PR firm did.

But the Amazon Defense Coalition has a problem – no legitimate news organization has ever produced a report based on one of their press releases. And this time was no different.  In fact, it is virtually impossible to find any Amazon Defense Coalition press release (easily over 100 press releases to date) that’s resulted in a report by a legitimate news organization – which is the main objective of publishing a press release in the first place.    That’s a pretty miserable track record and suggests that the Amazon Defense Coalition has almost no credibility in the eyes of legitimate news organizations.

At what point do Ben Barnes, Steven Donziger and the folks at Kohn, Swift & Graf inform Karen Hinton that her tactics aren’t working and replace her?  Perhaps they believe that blasting out misleading press releases over Business Wire that never result in news coverage is a winning strategy. If Amazon Defense Coalition’s target audience is only leftwing radical environmentalists, then their misinformation campaign might be having a small impact.  But, if the Amazon Defense Coalition is attempting to raise awareness by gaining media coverage for its cause, the campaign has been a miserable failure.

It’s easy to understand why the media would be wary of using an Amazon Defense Coalition press release as the bases for a story.  Many of Amazon Defense Coalition’s statements have been proven to be misleading at best.  Below you will find a few links to websites that have debunked their erroneous claims.

  • The Amazon Post has extensive and well documented reports on Amazon Defense Coalition’s false statements.
  • Hinton Communication Watch’s List of Lies also posts some whoppers.
  • Bob McCarty has been on the frontlines, pushing back against Amazon Defense Coalition’s smear campaign.
  • Carter Wood at the Shop Floor has also worked to expose Amazon Defense Coalition’s phony lawsuit against Chevron.

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